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Anyone who invested in Tesla in 2009 has a 5000% return. Experts forecast Tesla's potential market capitalization of $ 500 billion in 2024, or $ 2,700 per share. According to JMP, Tesla will have annual sales of $ 100 billion by 2025

With growing market revenues, Tesla is the clear leader in the automotive industry. Investors and individuals who participate in Tesla's business model can continue to benefit from Tesla's development prospects.

Q3 updates from Tesla

Shareholder Dashboard

The third quarter of 2020 was a record quarter on many levels. For the past four quarters, we've generated more than $ 1.9 billion in free cash flow and spent $ 2.4 billion on new manufacturing capacity, service centers, charging stations, and other capital investments. Although we booked additional SBC expenses in the third quarter, our GAAP operating margin was 9.2%.

"We continue to see growing interest in our automotive, storage and solar energy products and continue to focus on cost efficiency as capacity grows as quickly as possible."

Highlight Summary




GAAP operating income of 359$ million; Operating margin of 4.9% in the fourth quarter
GAAP net income of $ 105 million; Fourth quarter non-GAAP net income (formerly SBC) of $ 386 million

GAAP operating income of $ 809 million; Operating margin of 9.2% in the third quarter
GAAP net income $ 331 million; Third quarter non-GAAP net income of $ 874 million (formerly SBC)
SBC spending soared to $ 543 million (led by CEO award milestones for 2018)


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